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The Distillery
By Cima Star








One step through the door of The Distillery and you know you’re in an emporium for serious drinkers. The long, beautifully carved bar is jammed and the entire room seems packed to capacity, although we do find one table for the three of us. The noise level is high, to put it mildly.

The beer menu has at least 30 different ales, lagers and beer cocktails, plus there’s a large selection of craft spirits.

Over a couple of Belgian ales and a Pilsner, we munch on an assortment of appetizers. The Pretzel Treasure are warm, soft pretzel nuggets served with a tasty spicy mustard. The Onion Rings are big, fat and juicy sweet onions. Both are good munches, but the real hit are the Lump Crab Balls, bite-sized crab cakes heavy on the crab, light on filler. Excellent crab flavor.

Our sandwiches prove to be filled with top quality meats, but lacking in condiments. The Distillery Burger is a hefty three-quarter pound of Angus Beef, marinated, hand formed, served on a hearty artisan roll. The menu promises lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and marinated onions. The mayo and onions are no-shows. It’s ordered medium rare, but the server looks dubious and says she will “try.” The beef arrives medium-well. We all have a taste and agree that the meat is excellent, but dry due to overcooking. There’s a cute little squat sized bottle of ketchup on the table, but no mayo or mustard.

The Drunken Ham sandwich again proves to have superb ham. Slow roasted as promised, marinated in Anchor Porter and Original Sin lager, it is moist and downright delicious. But the promised mayo is absent. The tomatoes, marinated onion and Swiss cheese are there, however, adding to the great flavor.

My own Al Capone’s Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, marinated onion and Provolone Cheese, is once again superb meat. A thick slab of turkey breast, a nice slice of tomato is there. But the mayo and onion are missing. Some good quality mustard would be appreciated.

All three of the sandwiches are huge and could easily be shared by two.

The condiment problem is not too surprising, given that the computers were down, and the restaurant has only been open for about six weeks. Other than that, the drinks and the food are definitely top-drawer. I will return. -- CS

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The Distillery
416 W. Liberty St.
Savannah, GA 31401
Open 7 days a week
Platters: $10.09 to $15.00
Sandwiches: $9.00 - $12.00
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