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Tantra Lounge & Tapas
By Cima Star








The mere mention of “tapas” makes my mouth water. So when I heard good things about the newcomer, Tantra Lounge & Tapas, I hustled over one Friday night.

The large and lovely space has been completely redecorated, but it’s bar remains long, lovely and beautiful, and the changes are subtle and pleasing. Bright paper lanterns hang from the ceiling, the wide-open feel encompassing intimate dining, remains.

In the autumn evening, before daylight savings time is cruelly whisked away from us, the sun still shines brightly through the large plate glass windows in front, offering a nice view of Broughton Street. The flaw is Tantra’s dim lighting combined with the brightness blazing in make reading the menu a challenge. Nevertheless we managed.

The plates are larger than traditional tapas size, so we shared everything. First, the Pot Stickers, little dumplings filled with minced pork, shrimp, lemongrass, ginger and chives with a tangy lemon teriyaki sauce. Delicate, delicious and very filling!

Crab Rangoon, a favorite of nearly everyone and certainly me and my co-gobbler, were plump fried dumpling filled wit crab, soy ginger and, surprisingly, cream cheese. The menu says they’re bite-sized. I say they are three-bite sized. Whatever the case, these little morsels would be sure to please most anyone.

We also sampled the Roast Duck Rolls, rice paper filled with hoison- flavored duck, and veggies in a lemon soy sauce. These, too, were tasty, although the actual duck was barely discernable.

The Bo Kho’, a Vietnamese style beef stew is a steaming bowl of stew large enough to count as a full portion anywhere. Slowly simmered steak pieces with yellow potatoes, baby carrots, chilies and onions served with soft bread for dipping the luscious sauce, proved to be the winner of the night.

All in all, it was delicious and I’ll surely return to sample more of the over two dozen tapas on the menu!

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Tantra Lounge
8 E. Broughton St.
Savannah, GA 31401
Bar open daily 3pm to midnight
Kitchen 5pm to midnight
Tapas Plate: $6 to $10
Full Bar











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